Friday, January 11, 2008

Days 4-5

OK, my friends, I'm at the end of Day 5 and feel human again! I've been busy with mommy things lately and haven't had the time to write long posts. (I've actually been getting more done thanks, in part, to some newfound energy!)

Anyway, things are going well here. I feel really good and am taking it one day at a time. I just wanted to check in with you all and let you know I was still going strong over here.

A couple of Raw Food Cookbooks you might be interested in. I've seen each of them and like each for various reasons:

Alissa Cohen's "Living on Live Food"
I own the DVDs and a friend loaned me the book. Both are informative and the book is HUGE. Part info and part recipes.

RAWvolution - Matt Amsden
Melissa loaned this to me tonight and I've already picked out a few I want to make. I love it because it has photos of each recipe!

Ani's Raw Food Kitchen - Ani Phyo
Melodie has this book and let me peruse it for a few days. I really like some of the recipes in there and she seems to have good variety too. I haven't made many yet but liked the book.

Well, have a good night!


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