Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Healthy Discoveries???

I'm sure you've noticed that there have been no 'discoveries' lately -- healthy or otherwise! :o)

Life and Winter sucked me in and I put the blogging aside for a while. Hopefully that will change soon with the onset of summer and loads of all things healthy.

I plan to make my first warm-weather visit to the Farmer's Market soon and will be sure to post photos and details.

One item of Note:
If you are in Nashville or the surrounding area, you will be sure to want the following information:

A new program devised by Tim Parkison (who teaches classes at Wild Oats, btw) that will provide raw meals on a weekly basis by order only. Check out the details below:

Thank you all for your tremendous interest, support, and response to
the possibility of prepared raw food by the week. As a result, I am eager to
announce that...
The debut menu for "Raw-N-Ready" is complete!

I am at last poised and ready to create fabulous raw food for you!

Here's how it works:

Each week I'll e-mail a fresh menu for you to order and pick up.The order will consist of:

2 soups (or some weeks a dip or spread w/live flaxseed crackers and a soup)
4 side items
4 entrees
2 delicious raw
(There are sure to be a few added surprises along the way.)

I will list extras such as live seasoned sunnies, spiced pumpkin seeds, flax crackers, live salad dressings, raw live granola, etc. as they are available. (These items will be offered at an additional cost).

I'll stay as organic with my ingredients as Mother Nature and the market will allow. It is my express intention to support our local growers. So, what is ripened and ready will assist me in creating each week's menu. Keeping your raw food as fresh, alive, and vital as possible!

The minimum order (described above) is $100.00.
Doubling the order (for two) will be $185.00.

You may order and pre-pay a week in advance, then pick up your food the following week.

In the "start up" phase of this adventure I am requesting cash for payment. I will adjust to more modern means as we grow together.

The pick up point will be at 1902 Linden Ave.(near Hillsboro Village in Nashville). Your order will be available between 4-6pm.

It Gets Better!

You are invited to a "tasting"! Please join me to sample some of the items you will be experiencing each week. This gives you an opportunity to preview the menu, ask questions about the program and place your intial order.

Where? 1902 Linden Av. Nashville, TN 37212

When? Thursday, May 15th, 2008 between 6-8pm.

Cost? $10.00

This will be a casual "drop by" kind of event. So, please feel free to come and go at your convenience.

Please RSVP so I can be sure to prepare plenty for you to enjoy! You may reply to this e-mail or give me a call.

Thank you for enthusiasm! It is you that have inspired me to manifest Raw-N-Ready into reality.

I look forward to meeting you at the tasting!

Tim Parkison
(a.k.a. "Chef Timio")

He's given me permission to re-post this. So be watching for updates on this
program as well as information on his classes at Wild Oats.

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