Friday, May 16, 2008

Heirloom Tomatoes and Strawberries

That's what I'm after this weekend at the Farmer's Market in Nashville!

I just got my e-newsletter from the market yesterday and I'm excited. Here's what they had to say:

Life is sweet at the Market!

The long awaited Tennessee strawberry season is here. Local strawberries are to be devoured during the scant weeks they are in season and these sweet little orbs are a great way to start off a fantastic spring at the market.

New to the Market this year is Rainbow Hill Farm from McMinnville, with a truck-load of delicious quarts of berries. They've visited the market several times now on Tuesdays and will be coming back again with a truckload of fresh picked strawberries this Friday as well. Walter has been selling out quick as word spreads about new farmers and
fresh berries at the Market, so come early! And if you miss Walter, wander over to our retail area where you can find a great selection of fresh, sweet berries from Cookeville, Portland and Ridgetop, Tennessee.*

Additionally, they have some Heirloom Tomatoes in the sheds too --

Heirloom Tomatoes Already?

Yes! Our intrepid retailer Randy Barnes has discovered a farmer growing with hoop houses and bringing us heirloom tomatoes nearly a month earlier than usual. You'll find all your favorites, like Cherokee Purple, red Brandywine, Gold Medal and, new this year, Kellogg's Breakfast. Come down and get a taste of summer early.*

I don't know what half of those are, but I'm going to find out!! Yum!

So, if you are in the Nashville area, you might want to grab your 'Green' bags and schedule a trip out this weekend to the Market. Directions and more details can be found here:

*Reprinted from the Nashville Farmer's Market E-news.

Tour De Nash
And, if you happen to be downtown on Saturday the 17th, you might want to check out the Tour De Nash. This annual event provides everything from a 2 mile Family Walk to a 50+ mile bike ride around the city.

Additionally, there is a FREE health and wellness fair during the event. Most participants in the free walks get water bottles for their participation too.

Enjoy your weekend!


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Anonymous said...

when to the farm market to day and got a flat of starberries they are soo good they told me they only have them another week as of all the rain we had so go get u some and tomatoes so good