Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kitchen Goodies and Farmer's Market Fun

Just a few websites today that feature items you may wish to purchase for your kitchen or journey into this healthier way of living.

First ... an ultra-cool bottle that Melodie B. purchased. It is leach free and keeps water extremely cold for a long period of time.

SIGG water bottles (and more)
or check out

They have really cute designs - including some for the kiddos - and offer customizable solutions. Not too pricey if you consider it doesn't leach harmful chemicals and toxins into your precious water and you can reuse it indefinitely.

Kitchen Stuff
Here are a few sites for spices, hard to find items, and kitchen essentials.

Farmer's Market Fun
Sandye and I journeyed to the Farmer's Market downtown today and several of the local farms still had nice greens (sadly, no kale) and sweet potatoes. We also checked out the tiny international market and found some interesting items.

Picking out sweet taters for her crew

Can't speak for the quality but the prices were incredible. That Tahini that is bigger than her face was only $13 and the small jar was $3.50 or something like that. I paid $6 for the same size jar at another store.

The prices on the spices were out of this world too. And they have young coconuts for 99 cents. Two pounds of medjool dates were $5.99. Again, can't speak to the quality of the stuff since I'm no expert but it might be worth a look for yourself at any rate.


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