Friday, October 12, 2007

Where to Begin?

Where do I start?? Hmmm ... I've read so much and learned a TON since meeting Dr. Lou Niles, N.D. a week ago. Some of it was a refresher course of things I've known -- just never practiced, or practiced in part. But I'm on a quest and so I thought why not compile a list of things I've located (on the web or otherwise) and blog about them for everyone's benefit.

First up are two products which were recommended by Dr. Niles. I take one of them but have yet to start the other.

1. Monavie - (the one I have yet to take) You can read about this juice or purchase it here. If you need details or have question, I can point you to someone that can answer them.

2. Natural Cellular Defense - (this is the one I take)from Waiora. Pulls heavy metals and toxins out of your body. I'll devote an entire post to this at some point but just suffice it to say, "You ARE toxic and you need this all-natural volanic zeolite!" You can learn more about it or buy it here.

These are, from what Dr. Niles shared, two very vital supplements in this modern age. You need the first one to help fight aging and the other to get the toxins and heavy metals out of your system.

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