Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In the Raw

I've been reading a lot about RAW food and how beneficial it is for you. Although I'm probably not ready to plunge headfirst into nothing but raw food, I am interested in incorporating more of it into my life.

So, here are a few websites that might prove helpful and informative if you are in the same place.

Raw Food Coach:
Karen Knowler has an extensive website and blog with lots of good info -- especially for raw food newbies. She explains how to get started and the "why's" of raw food, along with offering plenty of free resources.

Take a look at her recipes, -- from smoothies to ice cream -- all are raw and healthy for you. There's even a free download of Get Fresh! Magazine from 2006. Karen is a writer for Get Fresh! and I've skimmed through the issue. Looks like it has lots of interesting information even if it is UK based.

She does have her own YouTube channel with several "how-to" videos. Some of the videos feature nori rolls, flax cracker, chocolate smoothies, and 'fried' mushrooms.

Alissa Cohen:
Another raw food site featuring author, speaker, and chef - Alissa Cohen. She is often seen on television shows like Tyra and NBC's The Today Show. Her site features a link to Raw Food Talk, an online community for folks exploring and living the raw food life.

There's a store where you can purchase a food items, a cookbook, DVD, or even apparel and tote bags. She also has online audio files from her weekly radio show. Additionally, she has a link page filled with lots of other websites to check out.

Last point to note: she certifies teachers and offers classes throughout the US. Here's a link to the teacher in our area in case you are interested in taking any classes or workshops:

Marcella Ray - Living on Live Food Teacher
Teaches Level 1 and 2

One last site for today:

The Raw Divas:
The Raw Divas offer a blog, newsletter and detox information. Most of it is free - including several ebooks that you can download. You'll receive the links for those after registering for their emails. Once registered, you also get access to their online forums and community areas.

OK ... I fibbed. How about one more - with videos!

Visit Freshtopia for an interesting twist and some recipes. I think I might try the Virgin Ginger Mohito with the leftover ginger from my Asian Noodle Salad.

Here's a list of the recipes featured in the videos: They offer everything from drinks to entrees, desserts to soups ... and more!


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