Sunday, October 14, 2007

Local and Noteworthy

Today's post is going to focus on local places you might want to add to your "frequent shopping" list.

Nashville Farmer's Market:
Visit the website and then make plans to go shopping for local, homegrown flavors. While at the website you can sign up for their weekly newsletter and take a look at the merchants. Here's a sample of what's available currently at the Farmer's Market:

~Late Season Tomatoes
~Freshly hulled purple hull peas
~Kubota squash
~Blueberry, raspberry, apple, peach and plum shrubs & trees grown in Tennessee
~Gigantic pumpkins and gourds
~Fresh local lamb chops

Franklin Farmer's Market:
Visit the website. Take note that they have limited days of operation at this time and will close for the season in November.

Wild Oats Marketplace:
Website link here! There are a couple of these in town and they feature whole foods and organic fruits/veggies. One of the cooler things I noticed is the monthly calendar of events (each store is different, so check both the Franklin and Green Hills locations). I've linked to the Franklin one. Among other things, they offer a FREE raw food cooking class and a Candida Support Group.

You can also view the online sale flyer to help make shopping lists before you go.

*Don't forget ... most of these websites (and those aforementioned) offer monthly or weekly newsletters. So be sure to find the subscription box and add your email addy!!!

Whole Foods Market:
will be merging with Wild Oats and the store in Green Hills will be opening in November. So you might want to check them out when they open. You might also sign up for the WFM newsletter since that will be the dominant brand after they merge.

Some late entries in the game here ....

I was searching some boards and found some other local items of interest. First up is

Peaceful Pastures:
Local farm that raises all natural, grassfed meat, including: beef, turkey, chicken, pork, lamb, goose, duck, and goat.

The Turnip Truck:
Located on Woodland Street, this market features organic and whole food items: produce, supplements and more! BTW, miso, coconut oil, and vegenaise are on sale right now ;o)

Avalon Acres:
Local farm in Hohenwald raising all natural meat, eggs, and herbs, veggies and more.

Rocky Glade Farms:
Features meat and veggies but offers a winter CSA providing fresh veggies throughout the winter in 1/2 bushels every two weeks.

Tennessee - Eat Wild:
Webpage offering listing of other local farms and companies from which to purchase whole and organic foods.

PLEASE let me know if you find any others and we will add them to the list.



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